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Real name & age: Shayna & 16
AIM/Yahoo: TheDarkestSidhe
Experience: Er... five or some years... about. Mostly AIM chats & AvidGamers.
Where did you find out about us?: Katie.
Character name & age: Aiden Azagon, 17
Species: Wereleopard
Character background: Aiden seems surprisingly content with his status as a lycan, probably due to the fact that he has no family to speak of. He's mostly, well, a street rat. Avoiding the foster system was easy, as his parents died in some far-off country, and he was listed as staying with an aunt, who also, it seemed, faced an untimely end. If you really wanted to look at it closely, Aiden didn't seem to care... at all. Which might say something of his state of mind: He's random, uncaring, and extremely dense when it comes to matters of how things works. The last time he used a microwave, he set the room on fire. He likes to go out when it starts to get dark out and scampter about the streets. He seems to be very easily amused, especially when it comes to things that glitter or catch the light.
LJ name for character: TheDarkestSidhe

The calm of the night had settled upon the tiny village of Besoest, Maleana's latest destination in a seeming endless voyage she was taking to distract herself. As such, everyone had retreated to the warmth of their homes for dinner and rest. But not Maleana, no, she was just arriving from the dead of the woods, where, if you looks long enough, you could still see the fire burning from where she had spent the day in the clearing. She prefered to travel by night, under the cover of the moon. It was a lot easier, and she didn't get questioned by the townspeople quite as much as she would during the day. Except for the Inn-Keepers, who always questioned her why she was out so late. She'd simply grin for them and express her fatique and ask to be taken to her room. She coud play the naive fae-girl in the towns, no one knew her here. No one knew what she was capable of. And she was quite content to keep it that way. It wasn't as if anyone from her past could show up here. Everyone she knew had either died, disappeared, or she had otherwise forgotten.

Drawing her coat closer to herself, in attempt to seem she had gotten a chill, she made her way briskly and quietly along the dirt road of the streets of Besoest. Her wings fluttered in the wind as she moved, making a slight whistling noise that was barely audible. She focused on the names on the signs of the tiny shops, looking for an inn, or someone with their door open that would accept her for the night. It didn't take her long to find a slightly-large building with a sign reading 'Garamount Inn - Open Rooms'. She approached the door carefully, managing to draw her hood down before she opened the door. The room she entered into was warm, with the fire crackling and sending a red glow around the entrance hall. Maleana coughed and took off her cloak, throwing it over her arm and approaching the front desk. No one was there, which didn't come as much of a surprise to the young Crion. She paused, before speaking loudly:
'Hello, is there anyone here?'

Someone came down the steps soon after with a basket full of clothes. She set the clothes down at the bottom of the steps and approached the front desk with a smile. Putting on her best Inn-keeper face, the woman regarded Maleana curiously for a moment before asking, 'Would you care for a room?'
Maleana nodded, and wet her lips with her tongue.
The woman turned around for a moment to a big wall with keys hanging on it. She studied the board for a moment before selecting a small silver key and handing it to Maleana, who took it with a small 'thanks'.
'Five gold for the night, six if you'll be having breakfast in the morning.' She said cheerily, holding out her hands greedily.
Maleana sighed. This is the part she hated about traveling, giving up her hard-earned [or rather, stolen] gold to some grubby inn-keeper for a moderate-sized room that reeked of the magic it's past occupants had performed in it.

(haha Shayna, you cheater. Alright everyone, so you don't get confused, she invented the character and posted a sample entry in another character. It shouldn't matter. As long as she can write. Vote away!)

Congrats, Shayna! Click here for your invite :)
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