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Real name & age: Lisa annnnd once again, I'm 19! WOOT!

AIM/Yahoo: aesirvanair


Experience: Well I'm currently IN this roleplay already, and since we're lacking on the TRUELY evil plot, I thought-What the heck! lets make an evil overlordy guy. Who hates stuff. Umm, and I'm in hl and a tone, I think it's up to 10, roleplays on Gaiaonline.

Where did you find out about us?: I'm with you here... now... so, yes. Moving on!

Character name & age: Curtus Delvin undisclosed but looks about his regular 32 year old self.

Species: Lycan

Character background: Curtus was scum. A bottom feeder, not exactly high class. He grew up in New york, lived his life alone, didn't bother many people.
But Curtus had one problem, he was a drunk.
A terrible drunk.

One night he got drunk and started ambling about the streets. Not the smartest thing to do, but it was done all the same. While stubling along Curtus happened into a wolf like creature.

Without warning he was attacked.

Several days later, he awoke, naked in the streets. Scratches were all over his body and he felt... different.

It was over a few years he learned about his lycan blood. And it didn't take long for Curt to start using his abilities to his advantage.

Living in the underground systems and avoiding alot of human contact Delvin began to grow a bit of a clan over the past six years. His lycan subbordinates were many and all had connections higher then Delvin ever had in his human life.

He began to control certain parts of his world and over time grew a distaste with those that shared the underworld.


LJ name for character: curtus_delvin


Delvin tossed the chair against the table.
"Look I'm sorry... She's been meddling with everything. I know your'e after-"
"I'm after alot right now, but I want those damn blood suckers before the police get involved! That's why you're there, thats why you're still alive!"

The lycan paced the dank room. Delvin loved his underground dwellings, his hideaways. Ever since he'd been turned he'd done everything in his power to become strong, to become powerful.
And he needed to wipe them out first.

"Delvin, I'll do what I can."
"Bring her Henry. Bring her tonight." Curtus waved his hand and the man left the room. Several other lycan stood along the walls, men mostly who had been turned to Delvin's side for their positions of authority in the city.

"Do you all hear this? This failure to commit?" He pointed to the door where the man had just left so recently. "That failure to provide will only end in death. I have given him another chance only because he has earned it over the years. But as of now, I will not tollerate anymore failure. I refuse."

Leaving the room he slammed the door behind him and entered another hallway that led to his private room.

"Give it time love." the young lycan woman hung off her creator lovingly an loyally.
"Not now." she grinned and kissed his cheek but Delvin retaliated with rage and tossed her across the room with a growl.

She hurried away and he found himself alone.
As it should be.

Congrats (cough) again, Lisa. Click here for thy invite.
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