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Audition form
Real name & age: Lisa, 19

AIM/Yahoo: aesirvanair


Experience: Hogwarts life on livejournal along with many roleplays on gaiaonline. I'm a scatter brained writer as well as student, if that helps!

Where did you find out about us?: Through blondemoose89 who is on Hogwarts life as well.

Character name & age: Loraine Coyle, 26

Species: Human

Character background: Loraine is a sluth, a detective, a 'dic'. For most of her life she aimed to be this, the little girl who walked around with a badge and a toy gun pretending to take out big baddies in the name of truth and rightness.

But Lor grew up, and she grew up real fast.

Quickly becoming a detective, specializing in mysterious and brutal crimes Lor became a secluded woman. Refusing to relinquish much of what she learns to her partners Lor has begun to enter a world she no longer knows. The world beneath the one she's been living in for so long.

Aimed with a swift wit, a keen eye for details and 'honor' she hunts. Lor has been hunting, probably for far to long now, for a truth that seems to darken her dreams at night and her vision by day.

LJ name for character: lor_coyle


"I'd like to say I believe you." Loraine seemed to sigh and cast her eyes down to the ground. The story didn't seem to make sense, there were holes, gaps where she couldn't afford them to be.

"I'm telling you the truth!" The man slammed his hands down on the table, the cuffs tight about his wrists. For three days the man had endured tedious interrogation of a brutal and violently disturbing scene in the basement of his subburben home.

"I had nothing to do with what ever you found in that basement. I rented it out to the pale boys. Three of them-they paid the rent and were never loud."

Loraine didn't look up from the floor.
"You mean to tell me you had no idea young teenage girls were being brutally raped and mutilated in your own basement?" The words seemed cool and smooth, casual almost as she tossed crime scene photo's onto the table.

This was the first the man had seen of them, the first he was ever going to see... and the photo's were gruesome.

"Dear lord..."

"As cliche as it sounds Mr Savorette, The Dear lord can't save you. Call a lawyer." Standing Lor was tired of the same old excuses.

Landlords, maids, innocent bysatnders-it was always the same. None of them had a damn thing to do with the crimes but they all led to the same conclusion.


Cursing Loraine pulled a pack of smokes form her long dark coat pocket and slid a delicate De Maurier between her lips. Her long black hair was neatly tied back into a tight ponytail as she searched her pockets for a lighter.

"Goddamn it..." The coarse words left her lips as easily as they would a hardened drunkard but still her delicate and rather striking face remained beautiful in the late night light.

A smirk touched her lips.
"Always a critic." She glanced up at the ceiling as she pulled the cigarette and violently 'placed' it back into the pack.

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