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Right. Well, Kilraven suggested a non-disappearing chatroom as well, let him or I know what you think about that; or hell, post it here and we can CHAT ABOUT IT! I don't suggest an AIM chatroom, personally, because not everyone wants AIM on their to him about it. I'm sure he has lots of stuff to teach you!

So, to get the ball rolling in a sense, make sure you post something cool. I suggest something like your real life name, age, and hobby, maybe?

Mine would be something like:

I like tipping cows and kissing penguins.

Or you can post questions for people to answer.

So here's one for you all to answer:

If you had a choice between being able to rewind moments in your life and WATCH THEM, piece by piece, so you know exactly what happened as many times as you want, or being able to go back ONCE and CHANGE THEM, without knowing the concequences, which would you choose and why?


Also plotting against the mods is acceptable er, feel free to offer up plot ideas to a single person or a group and whatnot.

There are no limitations to what you can talk about. If you're comfortable talking about smut with someone, feel free and do so.


Sorta set?

Then damn well go!

Bit of an update: Reply to people! I don't care if there's six replies coming off on one post. This isn't RP. It's chat. :) Just thought I'd clarify.
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First off, I want to apologize for being a really bad RPer for the past couple of weeks. School started a while ago, and the first six weeks have been hell for me. And what with being in 3 other RPGs, I just haven't gotten around to this one.

I know that's no excuse, but eh, it's worth a shot.

Anyway, since I've missed way too much, I would like to ask a favor of all you guys, especially the newer players.

Please tell me who you are xD

Both IC and OOC if you want, but just enough so that I can kinda get to know what/who you are without having to read through every post in detail (though I might end up doing that anyway).

And then the little plot things going on. Just catch me up a bit. Please?

I promise to try to be more active from now on. School's calmed down a bit, so I should ahve more time to RP. So yeah, thanks for your patience, many apologies once again!

ooc: Oh and mods, sorry if I shouldn't have posted this on the community, just let me know.

And if you want to take me off the voting staff, it would be both fine and understandable, considering I haven't been a good voting staff member either...

Again, sorry! >.
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(Small) Plot Idea

This is aimed mostly at Lor, if she's up for it. ;-)

I thought I would send Bryn back to her apartment to get a few things. One of the neighbors sees her sneaking in and calls in the cops, who catch her. She doesn't really know her strength, and it doesn't really occur to her to fight free of a bunch of them. Then would enter Loraine, perhaps to question her about her boyfriend's murder. One way or another, they find out about each other's new-found status in life, and we'll see how it goes from there. I thought the dynamic between a new vamp and a new werewolf could be interesting. Let me know if you want to make something of it.

And if anyone has specific plot ideas to get Bryn involved in, let me know. Its fun to plan ahead sometimes. I want to get her up-and-running. And I hope it was alright to post this to the community.

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A couple of our roleplayers (if you want credit, let me know) came up with a brilliant idea to get us to interact a bit more. It involves one of two things:

Either we can make an AIM chatroom and we can all talk about fire muffins,

or we can make a Public board here and everyone can post on that and talk to eachother. A couple of people mentioned they're feeling a bit shy about roleplaying with someone they don't know.

So, I need some more input (thank you to everyone who commented on the last post)

Chatroom, board? Both? And if you vote strictly for chatroom (or favor that one, I should say) Let me know your time zone (just comment it to this post) and when you're usually available. We should get as many people as we can at one time to join in on 'wonderous' conversations.

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Alright guys.

Official warning from the not-so-nice mod!

Interact! I'm not talking about you that have posted recently- you are all good men. I am proud of you.

But if you haven't posted and haven't replied to anything recently, expect a very formal and pretty e-mail from me soon.

Because I'm going to have to beat some of you over the head with a wet noodle. Believe me, it's not as fun as it sounds.

And no, before you ask, you don't get the noodle afterwards.