deer teeth. (whalemouse) wrote in __eraseme,
deer teeth.

papa smurf didn't create smurfette

name Brittany
age 16
where do you live? Painted Post, New York
why add you? Most of the movies in the interests were movies that I enjoy watching.
favorite movie of all time Igby Goes Down, maybe?
favorite quote I quote movies a lot, so this is hard."Don't you ever tell me to get real. I know what fucking real is, okay?" (The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys)
music♪interest I listen to a lot of indie music, and the occassional post-punk band...
bandsBright Eyes, Wolf Parade, The Decemberists, Feist, Iron and Wine, The Arcade Fire, Sondre Lerche, The Pixies...
a pretty picture from yerr filesImage hosted by
I didn't take this, but I thought it was pretty.
complete: with a gun barrel between your teethyou speak only in vowels
just for good measure, make me laugh I'm to sick to crack a joke.... sorry.

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