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first of all, papa smurf didn't create smurfette?

name maria
age sixteenie
where do you live 11758
why add you? i like to talk. about good things. friendly things. funny things. musical things. most things. and also, because you're all beautiful and things of the kind.
favorite movie of all time probably garden state or eternal sunshine [hides] &&& ferris beuler and big fish
favorite quote "Art is either plagiarism or revolution" - Paul Gauguin
music♪interest rock, jazz, classical, world music
bands radiohead, fiona apple, the shins, lata mangeshkar, coldplay, davie matthews, zero 7, simon & garfunkel, phish, jon brion [my hero], bela fleck
a pretty picture from yerr files

i'm the one meowing.

for better judgment.
complete: with a gun barrel between your inconsiderate nativist aunt you speak only in viscous fruit supply.
promote&prove http://www.livejournal.com/users/a_better_pace
just for good measure, make me laugh


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