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There's a Lack of Color here


Sexual Orientation:straight
What makes you emo?:hm..i have a lot of emotions..and i listen to "emo" music. people at school classify me as a "emo girl" haha i guess that makes me emo
Tell us something interesting about yourself: when i was 3 years old i went on stage at this concert and sang with the band
Are you involved with anyone? [picture if yes]:


3+ Books: angus thongs and full frontal snogging ( the whole series), any nicholas sparks book, perks of being a wall flower, ginger bread, royally jacked ( the dumbest book..but i read it like 12 times becuase it made me smile)
3+ Movies: hook, pretty woman, forest gump, the notebook, almost famous
3+ TV Programs: buffy the vampire slayer, the oc, gilmore girls, everwood
3+ Stores: walmart, trader joes, target
10+ Bands: brand new, copeland, hidden in plain view, death cab, the killers, the postal service, bright eyes, alkaline trio, the lawrence arms, cursive, against me, eliott smith, IMA robot, hot rod circuit, hot hot heat, jimmy eat world, our lady peace , the spill canvas, underoath...etc
Song: i love so many songs so im just gunna pick the one im listening to now so.. Coffee- Copeland
Word (and why): tubular...its just so 80's. i love the way it you have to be like ...."thats rightgious man..tubular!"
Phrase/Quote: to die would be a very big adventure
Food: avacado


Gay Rights & Marriage: i dont have anything against gay marriage or people working for gey rights..i have many good friends who are gay
suicide: i think sometimes people feel so badly about their life that they feel death is the only way out..i know i've felt that way...but i got through it...through very bad times...and..sometimes it makes me mad when people tell me they are going to kill themselfs...becuase thats just it...they are thinking only about themselfs
abortion: i have nothing against someone who aborts a is their choice..i just feel if i were in that position i would not abort it becuase i would never be able to live with myself
Guys: oh man...guys...they are equally horrible and awesome. when you have one..its the most amazing experience to be happy, but when you dont everyhting feels so bad
Girls: girls are awesome and annoying. they can be your best friends and your worst enemy.
Emo: i hate when people are like "oh im so emo" and then latch on to their jock boyfriend and giggle for 9 hours. if you are going to say you are least work with the title..come on now
What does emo mean to you?: it means to be able to express your feelings outwardly. like bands who are "emo" write songs about that they are feelings. not songs about their popularity or the poparazzi following them around.
Vegetarian/Vegan? Why or why not?: i am a vegetarian so..i guess i pick that one? i really am a vetetarian becuase i just dont like meat anymore..i am not really into the whole animal rights night..although i have absolouslty nothing against it. i wouldnt be a vegan becuase i have no problem with milking cows or anything like that.
This community: i think its pretty cool? haha i dont know...ask me again if i get accepted
Melissa (not_for_sarcasm): she has a pretty name
Lexy (Power_Yoga): shes cooll...and likes the oc! and somehow related to one of my best friends..she cool in my book
Kasey (fadinggraystars): i like her user name


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ahh these pictures suck but im on the computer with nothing on uhh if u need better ones tell me
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