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♥name:   .syreeta.white.
♥sex:   .alpha.-.female.
♥location:   o.p. .florida.
♥age   .15.

♥15 of the raddest bands    .1.taking.back.sunday. .2.fall.out.boy. .3.a.static.lullaby. .4.the.used. .7.matchbook.romance. .8.billy.talent. .9.the.clash. .11.boys.night.out. .12.franz.ferdinand. .14.dashboard.confessional. .15.def.leppard.
♥5 bands you think that are overrated .(.well.i'm.not.really.sorry.).
♥5 movies .2.dawn.of.the.dead. .3.real.genius.
♥favorite lyric .when.ur.left.with.only.a.bullet.i' 

♥raddest piece of clothing you own   .my.505.levis. .no. .my.lacy.boy.underwear. .no. .my.thigh.highs. .idk.
♥ 2-6 pictures of your beautiful self
♥ promote to atleast one other person and show the link
tHaiceyS924 (6:48:27 PM): JOIN EMUNK COMMUNITY


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