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This is it...

1| name!age!location Anita, 15, Texas.
2| sex Female
3| status (if taken, provide picture) Taken
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

4| 15 of the raddest bands
1. Aiden
2. Atreyu
3. Alkaline Trio
4. The Juliana Theory
5. Northstar
6. Oasis
7. The Postal Service
8. Avenged Sevenfold
9. A Static Lullaby
10. A Cutthroat Kiss
11. Matchbook Romance
12. The Blood Brothers.
13. As I lay Dying
14. Suicide Machines
15. Taking Back Sunday
5| 5 of the lamest bands
I can't say I respect some of them so I just don't listen to them. If you don't like 'em, don't liste to 'em
6| 5 movies
Nightmare Before Christmas, Almost Famous, Moulin Rouge, 50 First Dates, Interview with a Vampire.
7| fave color RAINBOW...or neon green.
8| where do you shop Thrift stores are nifty, and so are locals in LA.
9| two of the raddest pieces of clothing you own
My everything polka dots and my very comfortable Batman shirt.

.random musical questions.
10| mics are for singing OR mics are for swinging swinging.
11| what do you think about pop-punk? Eh…some bands are technically “classified” under pop-punk, but I wouldn’t consider them so…I guess it all depends on the band.
12| further seems forever, with or without chris? with
13| old school or new punk? both.
14| if the punx are __________ (say w|e you want, just fill in the blank) moshing, the artists swinging.
15| favorite lyric (include artist)
What do you do when I get close, if I kissed your neck, would you slit my throat?? --Brand New.

16| 3-7 pictures of your beautiful self
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.comreminds me of how adam from TBS sings with his hand like that, lol. Complete accident.
17| promote in your info, one user, two other communities and the link





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