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This Is It

1| name!age!location Camille/15/DC
2| sexfemale
3| status taken but I don't have a picture of us..

4| 15 of the raddest bands
1. matchbook romance
2. straylight run
3. fall out boy
4. bright eyes
5. desaparecidos
6. the used
7. brand new
8. underscore (rip)
9. the all american rejects
10. the academy is
11. motioncity sountrack
12. the blood brothers
13. Taking back sunday (old school)
14. avenged sevenfold
15. dear whoever
6| 5 movies
1. fight club
2. boondock saints
3. better off dead
4. grind
5. van wilder
7| fave color red
8| where do you shop pac sun, aeropostle
9| two of the raddest pieces of clothing you own
bright eyes shirt and my signed Underscore shirt

.random musical questions.
10| mics are for singing OR mics are for swinging mics are for singing
11| what do you think about pop-punk? its catchy, and up beat. I listen to it sometimes unless you consider fall out boy pop-punk.
12| further seems forever, with or without chris? couldn't care less
13| old school or new punk? old school
14| if the punx are __________ don't believe that punk is around anymore. Shot me if you want, but music is music.
15| favorite lyric (include artist)

"living like life is going out of style" - Fall Out Boy

16| 3-7 pictures of your beautiful self
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

17| promote in your info, one user, two other communities and the link


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