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im not active AT ALL
im leaving cause this community's deaded anyways

if there was a point in being here, the posts wouldnt be days or months away.

im outskie
come to my livejournal
i'll add you

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that last post was SO flippin long ago.
no one's really THAT active here...its like woah :/

just thought i'd point out that the last post was JUNE 26th.
& now its july...jully 22nd
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I get back on Wednesday!! Yea, w00t!! There´s a festival comming into town today so we´re about to go. It´s raining, but no matter, we can deal. I´m really hoping everything is cool and my sister gets back to Austin safe today. Her wedding was so pimp and I´ll have those pics up soon. I´m just waiting to be able to upload them. Well, I am randomly posting because I got online and no one is on messenger. My bestest friend in the whole wide world asked me out yesterday. I´m awesomely happy about that *smile*. Nothing much else new. All rightyo. Adios, amores.