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_____ elite and emo

[[ you want this ]]

_______ the brokenhearted
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...we are emo...

emo scenesters is another emo-kid rating community open for business in 2005. Want to waste time filling out a long survey and then get torn apart by people who don't really know you? Welcome home, emo kids.


This community was created in a moment of boredom. It's brought to you by vintagelyfallen and umasasayaki {though umasasayaki left}, who work on it whenever they have nothing better to do.

...basic rules...

Firstly and foremostly, there is NO PROMOTING. As in, it is NOT ALLOWED. Okay. Onward and upward.

Common sense, morons. If you don't know what emo is, don't bother. If you cannot spell or type in some semblance of english, please just shoot yourself. Everyone makes mistakes but make a visible effort 'nawt 2 TyPE lyke Dis!!11'. Thanks.

In the subject line of your application post, type so cut my wrists and black my eyes or your post will be deleted.

Cut tag your survey. If you don't know how to do a cut tag, check out El Jay's FAQs.

If you're rejected, take it gracefully. You may apply a maximum of three times, but if you are rejected all three times, leave the community immediately. Kthx.

If your application is anything like this, you will be rejected, no questions asked.

For those who are accepted, be reasonable. Don't pick at applicants for stupid shit. This community is about being elite [hot, smart, and tasteful] so once you're accepted, act elite.

And, of course, accepted members put stamped in the subject line of a post to let us know it's not an application or else the mods might delete it.

You must vote on a regular basis. We cannot have the same people voting all the time, while other members are horribly inactive.

Please bold either your questions or answers to make it more tidy.

1. your name -

2. your age -

3. location -

4. 5 [minimum] of your favorite bands -

6. 5 of your least favorite bands -

7. favorite movies -

8. favorite books -

9. best concert you've ever been to & why -

10. something random -

11. something funny -

12. your thoughts on ...
gay marriage:


religion in schools:

13. three [minimum] pictures of yourself -

14. promote us in either two (2) communities or three (3) journals, and link to it here:

15. anything else?

we love to be ``whored`` all over LiveJournal, and what fun is it without something shiny to display? We'll make it easy on you, so all you have to do is copy and paste the codes into your journal.