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so cut my wrists and black my eyes


1. your name - Jaime Lyn

2. your age - 14 years young.

3. location - Triangle, Va.

4. 5 [minimum] of your favorite bands - My chemical romance, The Used, Hellogoodbye, Something Corporate, Wakefield, The Starting Line, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Backstreet Boys, N*Sync. I won't go on.

6. 5 of your least favorite bands - This one if hard because I don't really have LEAST favorite bands. I like all music. But, Amanda Perez, 50 cent, Jay-Z. I can't really think of more =\ Sorry.

7. favorite movies - Napolion Dynamite, Harry Potter, The Grudge, The Ring, The Ring 2, Detroit Rock City, Sahara, and the overly used: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

8. favorite books - Go Ask Alice, Harry Potter, Vampire Kisses, The Cirque Du Freak series.

9. best concert you've ever been to & why - Deffinately Taste Of Chaos. Because some of the coolest bands were playing. AKA My Chemical Romance, The Used, and Senses Fail. And also because my friend, Brittany, was giving all the scene boys fashion advice. Such as "You should wear tighter pants, you'd get the ladies." and "Get that in a smaller size, you'd look hawt."

10. something random - Today is 4/20. And I don't smoke pot, but I made THE COOLEST rap in science today.

11. something funny - My 4/20 rap.

Yo, yo yo, y-y-y-yo.
Today's 4/20
I don't got any money
So can I holla fo a dolla
to get some marijuana
Everyone's tokin up
They're smokin up
They got some pot
To drop it like it's hawwwt
Like the big Snoop Dizzle
Fo shizzle, my nizzle.

12. your thoughts on ...
gay marriage: I'm all for it. Marriage is supposed to be about love, not what gender you are. If you're in love and you're homosexual, marry the one you love for who they are. Even if the government disagrees.

war: I don't really follow politics all that well. AKA I have an F in history. But I just say: "Make love, not war."

religion in schools: I don't think there should be religion in schools unless you go to a Catholic school or something. Because alot of people are not very religious or they just don't beleive in religion at all. So, I say leave the religion to the Church.

13. three [minimum] pictures of yourself -


14. promote us in either two (2) communities or three (3) journals, and link to it here:
http://www.livejournal.com/users/ashleyinpink/66154.html?view=211050#t211050 ashley
http://www.livejournal.com/users/hatewthapassion/127621.html?view=214917#t214917 kelly
http://www.livejournal.com/users/t_maf_love/57777.html?view=140721#t140721 angie

15. anything else? Yes, Thank you for your time. I hope I didn't bore you too much. ♥Jaime-Lyn

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