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+Name: Justin
+Location: miami, FL
+Gender: male
+Sexual Preference: straight


+Favorite band and why: the mars volta- i listen to them, and i escape in their music, it is amazing. their mix of different sounds is just beyond amazing
+10 other bands: the blood brothers, greenday, nothingface, alexisonfire, a7x, from first to last, bob marly, sublime, sex pistols, bright eyes
+Favorite movie and why: deffinatly no questions asked spiceworld- haha i know you guys are like WTF?! but i fucking love that movie, itmakes me want to get up and shake my ass
+4 other movies: cruel intentions, spun, forrest gump, everyone says SLC punk, heavyweights(classic!)
+Favorite book and why: Go dog Go, grew up loving that book, i still have it to this day too. its a memory.
+3 other books:go ask alice, the divinci code, born blie
+Favorite quote:"i used my slit wrists to sign my name with"- i dno where it came from.. but i dno it stuck in my head
+Favorite color: red
+3 Foods: tofu, apples, banana <-- im a vegan


What is your opinion on..

+the government: the government is so fucked up today. all they really care about is money, well guess what.. im 22 and i could give a rats ass about whom is our president. just as long as they dont fuck us over, and dont start another war like bush.
+abortion:Abortion well, it is a form of homicide. its your choice, me being a male. i think, if a women is young and isnt ready to have a baby, and didnt mean to become pregnant (well every1 says that) if you arent ready, consider it. adoptoin is better then abortion. give that fetus life, dont kill it.
+drugs/alchol: done both, being in rehab i now think they are just a depressant. it is hard to shut the door on drugs and alchohol. people who say "hurr i do it cuz im depressed" thats not a good excuse, they know that they are taking them and they are taking a depressant.
+self-mutilation(cutting, suicide):Personally, if you are hurt inside... why hurt on the outside? why show people that you are in need of help. Have a voice.. speak up


+Describe yourself in 3 words.:Outgoing, thoughtful, caring
+What do you like most about yourself?:the fact i am my own person, dont like it? fuck you kthnx :)
+Why should we let you join?: I don't know, its your choice if you like me or not, im not forcing you
+If you had the choice of living forever or dying which would you pick? dying, because why should i be that one person that sees everyone going thru pain when their loved ones died? im a person... nothing more.. nothing less. ill take death as it comes, as should everyone else
+If you could have one wish what would it be? For peope now a fucking days to be themselves and not be labled, i hate that.
What is your most emo moment? hmm... i went to the beach, brought my guitar and wrote a love song for my girlfriend :)
+If you were a type of underwear, what kind would you be and why? boxer breifs, cuz im the best of both worlds baby!! haha
+Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? crunchy :)
+If you were a colour what colour would you be and why?  white, because i go with anything
+If you were going to smoke would you rather say "I'm gonna go smoke really quick" or "I'm gonna go suck a fag"? why? " im guna go suck a fag" because i want to leave them in despense as to wtf i am talking about
+What shape would you be? Why? circle. because im the same all over
+If your life had a slogan what would it be? Why?  You dont like the way i look, look away, you dont like the way i talk, dont listen, you dont like my point of view well im sorry, not much you can do now is there?
+If you could get one person in this community to kiss you who would it be? why?  YOU!! because i love you :) haha

Post 2 or more clear pictures of your face here-

  my hair was alittle longer here..


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