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She'd cry herself to sleep, but she don't dare...

[[General Info]]
[Name] Tiffany Milano
[Age] 15
[Gender] Female
[Location] New York

[[Music Preferences]]

-10 of your favorite bands-
[x] Something Corporate
[x] The Used
[x] Three Days Grace
[x] Bowling for Soup
[x] Taking back Sunday
[x] Smile Empty Soul
[x] Korn
[x] Simple Plan
[x] Good Charlotte
[x] Nine Inch Nails

-7 bands you dislike-
[x] Honestly i can't think of any bands i don't like.

-5 of your favorite songs-
[x] With this Knife by Smile Empty Soul
[x] I want to save you by Something Corporate
[x] Blue and Yellow by The Used
[x] I'd do anything by Simple Plan
[x] The truth by Good Charlotte

-5 of your favorite CD’s-
[x] Let Go - Avril Lavigne
[x] Issues - Korn
[x] Here's to the morning - Unwritten Law
[x] No pads, no helmets.. just balls - Simple Plan
[x] Smile Empty Soul

-Post your favorite lyric and which song it came from-
It's been a bad day, another bad day, and all i wanna do is look at you and know that im okay

From - Bad Days
By - Something Corporate

Gay Marriage/Homosexuality- they have every right, who am i to say they can't get married.

President Bush- He's got a lot to take on. I dunno much about him or whats going on in the world involving him, because i don't watch tv or listen to people when they talk about him. so i don't have an opinion on him

Suicide- I hate that i almost lost a friend to suicide, and right now, its too sore a subject for me still to talk about..

Straightedge- I am straight edge myself, but i don't go around shoving it in peoples faces, i do wear x's on my hands, but i don't think im better then other people, and i feel straight edge is just a label, and i like the label myself

Illegal use of drugs/alcohol/sex by a minor- Do what you want, im not going to stop you

[[Give us something funny(story, picture, etc)]] I'll give you a story and a picture.. well its not really a story but listen to some book titles that me and a few friends got a kick out of .... Depression for dummies Stop walking on egg shells I hate you, don't leave me the Ebay bible there were a few more, but i don't remember them

Here are a few pictures

my boyfriend (in the pink shirt) and my friend Jake (making my boyfriends nipples)

My friend Joe..

My friend Debbie, and My friend Rachael. Push the right botton..

[[Give your definition of emo (try to be different and try not to give a definition like other people, think about it yourself and tell what you think it is)]] Emo isn't a style, as im sure everyone knows by now, Emo is a feeling steming off the word "emotional". Emotions are felt in many different ways, emo isn't just sad, emo is just a bunch of feelings different feelings, upsetting, madd, and sometimes even happy. Emo is a caring for other people enough to get emotional about their feelings along with your own..

[[What do you think makes you emo]] I think me being very over emotional and caring makes me emo.

[[This or That]]
[x] T.V or Radio- Radio
[x] Sun or Rain- Sun
[x] Vintage T-shirts or Band T-shirts- Band T-Shirts
[x] Magazines or Books- Books
[x] Emo or Punk- Emo
[x] The Used or Taking Back Sunday- Both...

[[Promote us in 2 places and give the links]]

[[Give at least 2 pictures (max is 5)]]

Thank You!


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