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[[General Info]]
[Location]kona, hawaii, usa.

[[Music Preferences]]

-10 of your favorite bands-
[x]The Mars Volta
[x]The Appleseed Cast
[x]Hawthorne Heights
[x]Hot Hot Heat
[x]Motion City Soundtrack
[x]Straylight Run
[x]Something Corporate
[x]Plain White T's

-7 bands you dislike-
[x]Jack Johnson
[x]Coheed and Cambria
[x]Papa Roach
[x]The Neptunes
[x]Howie Day
[x]Puddle of Mudd

-5 of your favorite songs-
[x]Bandages-Hot Hot Heat
[x]Konstantine-Something Corporate
[x]The Tension and the Terror-Straylight Run
[x]Kitty Kat Shirt-Plain White T's

-5 of your favorite CD’s-
[x]North-Something Corporate
[x]Make Yourself-Incubus
[x]Straylight Run
[x]Make Up the Breakdown-Hot Hot Heat

-Post your favorite lyric and which song it came from-
Hands over your eyes are the agents of despise
Make A Move-Incubus

Gay Marriage/Homosexuality-i think that the whole issue with gay marriage and gay rights is blown way out of proportion. too many people are holding it against someone if they find out that they're gay. there's nothing wrong with liking a person of the same sex, it's the love that matters. it's a straight-forward issue that politicians use to incite the public and draw attention away from the real problems.

President Bush- i think our country is in a downward slump because of him and all his little rich buddies.

Suicide-i'm sure everyone is tired of hearing the same, classic answer. "Permanent solution to a temporary problem." but the thing is, this is very true. i think people may think suicide is an answer...but if we look around us there's so many more people who have lives worse than our own. we can help make the world better for people suffering from depression, but we cant do that if we were angry and killed ourselves.

Straightedge-whatever...i don't care one way or another.

Illegal use of drugs/alcohol/sex by a minor-well, drugs are illegal no matter what age...except for marijuana, which in some cases is used for medicine, so you might want to change the wording of the question...
anyway. i think that alcohol is okay, in small amounts, people who go out and get trashed for fun are just dumb. some alcohol, like wine, is very good to experience because it's like an art to make it.
i don't think 7th graders smoking pot is a good thing. i have a friend who got pregnant when she was in 8th grade and seeing people like that, it just doesn't make sense to have sex when you're really young.

[[Give us something funny(story, picture, etc)]]

[[Give your definition of emo (try to be different and try not to give a definition like other people, think about it yourself and tell what you think it is)]]
i think emo is just a way to feel things, hence the name. i like the emo type of music, because i can feel the passion that went into making it a lot more than in other types of music.

[[What do you think makes you emo]]
i feel strongly about many different things, i have my own, very strong opinions. i feel everything around me.

[[This or That]]
[x] T.V or Radio-radio
[x] Sun or Rain-rain
[x] Vintage T-shirts or Band T-shirts-band tees!
[x] Magazines or Books-books
[x] Emo or Punk-emo
[x] The Used or Taking Back Sunday-taking back sunday

[[Promote us in 2 places and give the links]]

[[Give at least 2 pictures (max is 5)]]

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Thank You!

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