May 4th, 2005

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[[General Info]] [Name] natalie [Age]21 [Gender] female [Location] TX [[Music Preferences]] -10 of your favorite bands- [x]a change of pace [x]armor for sleep [x]from first to last [x]hidden in plain view [x]saosin [x]greeley estates [x]hawthorne hieghts [x]scary kids scaring kids [x]this day and age [x]dead poetic -7 bands you dislike- [x]backstreet boys [x]maroon5 [x]b2k [x]green day [x]ying yang twins [x]50 cent [x]mariah carey -5 of your favorite songs- [x]second place victory- this day and age [x] a thorn for every heart- next of kin [x]eyes burn - matchbook romance [x]what’s up now- scary kids scaring kids [x] translating the name - saosin -5 of your favorite CD’s- [x] What To Do When You Are Dead- armor for sleep [x] After Dark- scary kids scaring kids [x] things aren’t so beautiful now – a thorn for every heart [x] Always leave the ground- this day and age [x] Silence in black and white- Hawthorne heights -Post your favorite lyric and which song it came from- THIS DAY & AGE LYRICS "Second Place Victory" its breathtaking to think of you and to learn that sometimes the only way out is through its mindnumbing to think of yesterday i'll run to you now if i could but things have changed [chorus] (i heard you say) its enlightening to think of the breeze and to believe in things that we can't see (so here we go) lets show them how to live accept the pain always forgive watch the sun go down learn the sound of following all that is complete its breathtaking to think of you and to learn with our fate that the sky isn't as blue its mindnumbing to think of yesterday we'll look toward the stars and dream that we're airplanes [chorus x2] [[Opinions]] Gay Marriage/Homosexuality- I think its their choice and I don’t see a problem with it. President Bush- ummm…. I think the war well whatever is going on in iraq is pointless now and our president needs to reevaluate his priorities with this country. Suicide- I think its sad because things get better and there is a reason we are not dead right now so just go with that. Straightedge- its really cool but when most of the people that are that push people to try and be it. Its kinda annoying. Illegal use of drugs/alcohol/sex by a minor- I think its ok as long as u know the risks and consequences and take them into complete consideration. [[Give us something funny(story, picture, etc)]] Image hosted by[[Give your definition of emo (try to be different and try not to give a definition like other people, think about it yourself and tell what you think it is)]] it is a state of mind, a mood , feelings , emotions, and also a label but more importantly music that calms ur soul when ur heartbroken. [[What do you think makes you emo]] my emotions, the way I have become some what a romantic, singing to bands that are considered EMO [[This or That]] [x] T.V or Radio- radio [x] Sun or Rain- rain [x] Vintage T-shirts or Band T-shirts- band tees [x] Magazines or Books- mags [x] Emo or Punk- emo [x] The Used or Taking Back Sunday- the used [[Promote us in 2 places and give the links]] [[Give at least 2 pictures (max is 5)]] Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Thank You! Image hosted by
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