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[[General Info]]
[Name] Kimberly
[Age] 13
[Gender] female
[Location] Deer Park Texas

[[Music Preferences]]

-10 of your favorite bands-
[x]The Starting Line
[x]Taking Back Sunday(old)
[x]Bright Eyes
[x]The Used
[x]From First To Last
[x]The Ataris
[x]All-American Rejects
[x]Hawthorne Heights

-7 bands you dislike-
[x]Linkin Park
[x]Good Charlotte(BUT I do like the song "Hold On" by them. And that's it.)
[x]no other real bands that I dislike.
[x] :/ sorry

-5 of your favorite songs-
[x]Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now--The Starting Line
[x]Lunacy Fringe--The Used
[x]Note to Self--From First to Last
[x]In This Diary--The Ataris
[x]Those Days You Felt Alive--Spitalfield

-5 of your favorite CD’s-
[x]Say It Like You Mean It/TSL
[x]Tell All Your Friends/TBS
[x]In Love and Death/ The Used
[x]So Long, Astoria/The Ataris
[x]The Fiction We Live/From Autumn to Ashes

-Post your favorite lyric and which song it came from-
"Let them say we're crazy, what do they know? But your arms around me baby, don't ever let go. Let the world around us, just fall apart. Baby we can make it if we're heart to heart."-Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now--TSL
"Tell me what you thought about when you were gone and, so alone. The worst is over, you can have the best of me"Best of Me--TSL
Yes, I love the Starting Line. :]
Gay Marriage/Homosexuality-I see nothing wrong with it. I know people that are gay, and I don't treat them any differently than anyone else. I don't see why people need to make such a big deal about gay people getting married. They are in love, so what does it matter?
Gay people could always just live together and not have to get married, but then they would not be able to prove their true love in getting married. I have no problem with it, and people who do, disgust me.

President Bush- Well, I don't completely hate him. But I don't completely agree with him either. He is our president, and we have to live with that for the next four years. The only thing I agree with him on is abortion. I think it is wrong. It should only be used in emergency. But as for Bush, that's all. I don't like him keeping troops in Iraq. And I don't like him trying to make gay marriage illegal.

Suicide- Hmm, well. I thought about it last year, I admit I did. I was miserable. But then I came to realize, that if I did, someone out there would miss me. People think if they kill themselves no one will care, or even notice. But someone will. The truth is, more people know about you than you think. I found out the other day like 10 people knew my name, and I had never met these people before. People will know and be sad if you are gone.

Straightedge- I am going to be honest. I am not 100% sure on what it is. I know it is something like no drugs, no sex, no drinking, and no caffeine. If there is more or I am wrong, sorry. But as far as I know, I don't see a problem. I don't know anyone sXe, but I give props to anyone who is.

Illegal use of drugs/alcohol/sex by a minor-Well, I have drunk before. I am sure most of us have. Drugs are a big no no. My relative got into them so bad when she was a teenager she was sent to a re-hab. And she stills smokes to this day. Sex is something to take seriously. You should use protection and be ready for the consequences if you don't. Even if you don't get pregnant, you could still get STDs. I would never have sex before being married, but if someone else does, they just need to be prepared

[[Give us something funny(story, picture, etc)]]
Image hosted by]This is all the funny I have. The little girl is my sister. And the guy is Joe. Me and my sisters were in a musical(Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)and my sister was like, in love with Joe. And this is him and her, and you can't see either of their left eye's. :]

[[Give your definition of emo (try to be different and try not to give a definition like other people, think about it yourself and tell what you think it is)]]
I think emo is whatever you want it to be. It's your feelings. Honestly. Me, my brother, and my mom were talking about it the other day. And my brother was saying how the stereotype for emo kids is that they hate the world and are always sad. And I think that is stupid. Emo, to me, is feeling emotions strongly. When you are sad, you are very sad. When you are angry, you are very angry. You are more emotional. And not like you cry during movies that most people don't cry through. But you feel for emotional about things, like I just said.

[[What do you think makes you emo]]
I am an emotional person. Like I said above, I am more emotional about things. When I get sad, it takes me awhile to get over being sad. If I am mad at someone, I am mad for a long time, and I harbor that anger and sadness inside of me. And to me, that's what emo is, so that is what makes me emo.

[[This or That]]
[x] T.V or Radio- radio
[x] Sun or Rain- sun
[x] Vintage T-shirts or Band T-shirts- band t-shirts
[x] Magazines or Books-books
[x] Emo or Punk-emo
[x] The Used or Taking Back Sunday-old TBS

[[Promote us in 2 places and give the links]]

[[Give at least 2 pictures (max is 5)]]
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Thank You!

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