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Am i your love?

My call to arms

Am i the star beneath the stairs...
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All Members , Moderated

You. You there. Yes, you. Need to apply to our fantabulous community. That’s right.

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Once accepted vote and promote
You can be as mean and rude as you want on apps and unwanted posts.
Try not to do many text posts because they're not cool.
Put "stamped" on the subject line.

Member Challenges:

Here's how it works:

  • put "stamped - member challenge" on the subject line.
  • make sure you post the name of the member that you are challenging
  • state your reason why (i.e. "they are inactive" "they gave me a no" and such)
  • post 3 - 5 pictures of yourself behind a cut
  • the member you are challenging has three days to respond with 3 - 5 pictures as a comment to the challenger's post
  • member's vote on whose pictures they like better.

This is a challenge and all challenges have their rewards.

The WINNER receives an auto-accept OR auto-reject of any current apps.

The LOSER must promote to 5 communities or be removed from the community. Re-applying is allowed.

If the challenged member does not respond at all, they will be removed. However, they are allowed to re-apply.

We know that a couple of you don't have cameras or Photoshop. please comment to a challenge stating so. If we see that you vote on a regular basis, we will remove you from the challenge

Challenge Board

Current Theme:

None (suggestions?)


Quick copy + paste app!

marital status:

10 bands:
5 movies:
5 things you like:
5 things you dislike:
Instrument of choice:
you Must make a friend join, provide their name.

Last show you went to:
Make us laugh:
What was the most embarrassing thing you have ever done or happened to you?:
What makes you so hot?


Promote us in your userinfo and in a community and give us 2 links for proof:
Post a 100 x 100 pic of yourself and at least 3 pictures or more, No less.

Vote.Promote.Get sex

promo banners

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Members Page

Accepted members

  1. wee_peas

  2. pleasant_bullet

  3. perfect_cliche

  4. hardcorejuicesq

  5. hi_her_name_is

  6. verbalsarahsoze

  7. bedofmercury

  8. killmypain_x

  9. carolj525

  10. 100reasons_why

  11. hatebeezo

  12. _dearsergio_

  13. tebasle

  14. singingonsunday