Max (pleasant_bullet) wrote in __emohearts,

eyes that stole my heart

Name: Max
Age/birthday: 18
Gender: Male
Location: Glasgow
marital status: 4 years non single

10 bands: hot hot heat, horrorpops, the filaments, nekromantix, tiger army, the peacocks, underoath, howards alias, leftover crack, groovie ghoulies
5 movies: fern gully, leon, the people vs larry flynt, trainspotting (how cliche), full metal jacket
5 things you like: friends, family, girlfriend, gigs, playing music
5 things you dislike: racism, fannyism, bad gigs, falling out with friends, breaking bass strings
Instrument of choice: bass

Last show you went to: show? as in gig? pig destroyer (for the comedy) cinema would be shark tale and panto or other!
Make us laugh: one day i was sitting on my computer with a rather bad cold and i nose squeaked and i swear it said my name!
What was the most embarassing thing you have ever done or happened to you?: throwing up on a dancefloor then slipping on it!
What makes you so hott?
You must make a friend join, provide their name __starbelly (sorry i duno how to do the linky friend namey thing)

Promote us and give us 2 links for proof:

Post atleast 3 pictures or more, No less.

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