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Eyes That Stole My Heart

Name: Justine
Age/birthday: 14/November 6th
Gender: Femme Fatale
Location: DeLand, Florida
marital status: I'm married. In a not really sort of way. I'm dating pretty Blake.
Sexual preferance: I like my boys, thanks.

10 bands:
1.The Shins
2.Bright Eyes
3.Senses Fail
5.Tsunami Bomb
6.Straylight Run
7.Blood Brothers
8.Fear Before the March of Flames
9.My Chemical Romance
10.Death Cab For Cutie
5 movies:
3.Benny and Joon
5.Pulp Fiction
5 things you like:
1.Blake. ♥
2.Plastic Spoons
3.Good CD's
5 things you dislike:
1.Feeling stupid
2.Toasted bread
4.Joy when she's mad at me
5.Bad water
Instrument of choice: My Pink Daisy Rock Heartbreaker Series guitar. Shut up, you know it's cool.

Last show you went to: Nintendo Fusion tour. And MCR was AMAZING.
Make us laugh: My friend Matt's conversation...

Mtlass72: hey
Sirbasil952: hey mallary.
Sirbasil952: how're you doing
Mtlass72: im ugh...
Mtlass72: really really really need to talk with u.... im having more problems
Mtlass72: but i cant right now
Mtlass72: and david wants to talk to u too
Sirbasil952: um
Sirbasil952: david does?
Mtlass72: yea we are having problems... and fighting... not good
Sirbasil952: hoo boy.
Sirbasil952: why can't you right now?
Mtlass72: gregs here:-D
Sirbasil952: o.O
Sirbasil952: careful, then
Mtlass72: yea i no
Mtlass72: i apologise nowe if he types in 69
Mtlass72: he6 9
Mtlass72: he like too do tha69t
Sirbasil952: hahaha.
Sirbasil952: i remember back when i was that perverted...
Mtlass72: lol
Mtlass72: when was that?
Mtlass72: wait not to long ago
Mtlass72: lol jk
Mtlass72: 69
Mtlass72: 69
Sirbasil952: dorkus.
Mtlass72: 69
Mtlass72: :'(
Mtlass72: 69
Sirbasil952: you finished/
Mtlass72: 6
Mtlass72: 69
Mtlass72: 69
Mtlass72: now69
Mtlass72: now he is
Mtlass72: 69
Mtlass72: or else
Mtlass72: matt save me
Mtlass72: :'(
Sirbasil952: i can DEFINITELY see what you see in this guy.
Sirbasil952: i know you're attracted to mature guys.
Sirbasil952: and he can't GET much more mature than he is.
Sirbasil952: i mean his witty conversation of...69...
Mtlass72: 69
Sirbasil952: exactly!
Sirbasil952: what a fine specimen of freshman behavior.
Mtlass72: shut ur fucken mouth ass hole
Mtlass72: that was greg
Sirbasil952: what a fine vocabulary as well
Mtlass72: >:ohell ya
Sirbasil952: hahahah.
Mtlass72: im so so so so so so sry matt
Sirbasil952: don't be sorry
Sirbasil952: this is hilarious
Sirbasil952: i'm getting a great laugh :-D
Mtlass72: lol
Sirbasil952: i can REALLY see why you can't help yourself around him.
Sirbasil952: what girl can resist?
Sirbasil952: :-P
Sirbasil952: hahahah.
Mtlass72: lol why do u say that?
Mtlass72: a?
Sirbasil952: he's so FUNNY!
Sirbasil952: and eloquent
Sirbasil952: and intelligent
Sirbasil952: and mature!
Sirbasil952: wow
Sirbasil952: in case he's confused, that was sarcasm. sar-cas-m.
Sirbasil952: it means i don't mean it. :-P he learned a new word for today!
Mtlass72: lol he dont like u now.....
Sirbasil952: gee whiz, really?
Sirbasil952: i'm devastated, hun.
Mtlass72: ur having fun with this arnt u?
Sirbasil952: :-D
Sirbasil952: yup!
Sirbasil952: it's been awhile since i mocked someone utterly obtuse
Mtlass72: lol yea i no u do like telling people off who didnt deserve it
Sirbasil952: well, it's obvious YOU are smitten.
Mtlass72: smitten?
Sirbasil952: *smirks* what it is about idiots that attract girls to them i'll never understand, but it's not my business.
Sirbasil952: smitten = lovestruck
Mtlass72: ok well i g2g
Mtlass72: ttul
Sirbasil952: have fun with your boytoy. hope he has a nice body, he has nothing else going for him.
Sirbasil952: cya, mallary
Sirbasil952: :-)
Mtlass72: oh btw when are u going to be on next
Mtlass72: i really really really need to talk with u
Sirbasil952: i understand. err
Sirbasil952: sometime later tonight most likely
Sirbasil952: or all during the four-day weekend
Mtlass72: g2g
Mtlass72 signed off at 6:03 PM

Matt's Sirbasil952, if you have not guessed.

What was the most embarassing thing you have ever done or happened to you?: I was taking a bath one night, and I fell asleep in the bathtub. My sister knocked on the door, but I didn't hear her because I was sleeping, right? So, she just comes on in and sees me and starts screaming, "I SEE YOUR BUTTCRACK, I SEE YOUR BUTTCRACK!" It was mortifying.
What makes you so hott? My personality. I don't really have my looks to say I'm hot. But I'm a pretty rad person. And, in Joey's not-so-eloquent words- "I'm a great girl."
You must make a friend join, provide their name I'm trying to make Jess join. (surestarshining)

Promote us and give us 2 links for proof:
Post atleast 3 pictures or more, No less.

^^ I'm the Non-Asian.

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