Shary ...with the </3 (suicidalfcuk) wrote in __emohearts,
Shary ...with the </3

Eyes that stole my heart

Name: Shary
Age/birthday: 17; Feb 24th
Gender: female
Location: Florida
marital status: single legally, but taken personally
Sexual preferance: I like to fall in love. I don't care what sex you are.

10 bands: Um, this is what's in my stereo/mind right now: Snow Patrol, Taking back Sunday, A.FI., As I Lay Dying, Crossfade, Something Coporate, Finch, Godsmack, Eve 6, Bright Eyes, Matchbook Romance.
5 movies: Man in the Moon, Courage Mountain, LOTR:TTT, Saved, Heavy
5 things you like: potatoes, sweaters, body jewlery, eBay, family
5 things you dislike: Waffle House, cold, shopping, money, family
Instrument of choice: drums (I play in a local band called Made of Oi)

Last show you went to: FUSS on October 28th (I've been grounded)
Make us laugh: My friend Karrie has a brother who is ina badn called The Bleeding Vaginas
What was the most embarassing thing you have ever done or happened to you?: I sneezed on my test once and a huge buger fell out and when we passed the papaers up, the girl in front of me got it in her hair and she cried.
What makes you so hott? My eyes, and my piercings.
You must make a friend join, provide their name: Jasmin, dreamin_johnny

Promote us and give us 2 links for proof: (locked; friends only) (locked; friends only)
Sorry, all my friends are kind of elite? You can email them for proof.

Post atleast 3 pictures or more, No less.

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