Brandon SMITH (xdvamp) wrote in __emohearts,
Brandon SMITH


<b>Name:</b> Brandon Smith
<b>Age/birthday:</b> 17...8/19/87
<b>Gender:</b> male
<b>Location:</b> Colorado Springs, Co.
<b>marital status:</b> Single....ish
<b>Sexual preferance:</b> Bisexual

<b>10 bands:</b> My Chemical Romance, Finch, The Used, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Taking Back Sunday, The Distillers, Brand New, AFI, Atreyu, Modest Mouse.
<b>5 movies:</b> Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Vanilla Sky, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Requiem For A Dream
<b>5 things you like:</b>  singing, playing guitar, boys kissing, lip rings (though i don't have one *tear*), hair.
<b>5 things you dislike:</b> Trendy goths, people who give me shit, my ex step dad, viruses, people who wont leave me alone.
<b>Instrument of choice:</b> voice.

<b>Last show you went to:</b> Warped Tour
<b>Make us laugh:</b> There once was a guy named charlie, he hit me in the head with a baseball bat, i didn't too much like this charlie, he kinda made me angry, and for some reason i always wanted to kick his ass. but of course i never did. cause i'm a pussy little weasel boy who hides in his room crying himself to sleep. but one day...some day...i'm going to stick a hot french fry in his eye...then he'll know how serious i am...seriously.
<b>What was the most embarassing thing you have ever done or happened to you?:</b> I...don't know. i don't get embarrised easily at all.
<b>What makes you so hott?</b> My lips...and my hair.
<b> You must make a friend join, provid their name</b> none of my friends are emo...they just don't have that deepness that me haves....or some shit...

<b>Promote us and give us 2 links for proof:</b> i dunno how to promote...i'll try and figure it out really quick.

ok there ya go. hehehe.

<b>Post atleast 3 pictures or more, No less.</b>

AHHHHHHHHHH NEXT ONE I HAVE NO SHIRT DON'T LOOK!...wait i'm putting it i guess you can look at my ugly boday.

ok the last ones not me...but it is my chemical romance...and it's HOT!!!!!! some other shit. XD

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