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~Eyes that stole my heart.....~

Name: Erin
Age/birthday: 16/September 26, 1988
Gender: Female
Location: Virginia
marital status: dating
Sexual preferance: bi-curious


10 bands: Taking Back Sunday, Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins, Silverstein, Coheed and Cambria, Hawthorne Heights, Spelled H (local band)
5 movies: Napolean Dynamite, Shaun of the Dead, Ju-on, Butterfly Effect, Goldmember
5 things you like: Hangingwith friends, music, games, singing, dreaming
5 things you dislike: cheaters, liars, my dad, hilary duff, rude obnoxious people
Instrument of choice: Violin


Last show you went to: I've never been to a show.
Make us laugh: The GI Joe parodies on
What was the most embarassing thing you have ever done or happened to you?: I was presenting something infront of my class...and I didnt realize my zipper was down until a friend of mine yelled *xyz* to me...><...and my teacher taped the whole thing.....
What makes you so hott?: I'm not hot
You must make a friend join, provide their name: I am gonna make my friend </a>NawTxDreamxBoi</span> join ASAP....


Promote us and give us 2 links for proof:
Post atleast 3 pictures or more, No less.




 <----this is what happens when me and my friends find a camera and have too much sugar....

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