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Name: Whitney
Age/birthday:16... dec 10
marital status:single
Sexual preferance:straight

10 bands: afi, from first to last, death cab for cutie, lost prophets, chevelle, say anything,all time low, bayside, & cartel
5 movies: pirates of the caribbean 1 &2, the rigner, 40 year old virgin, shaun white album ^_^,
5 things you like: photography, my friends, my animals, talking online, graphic design.
5 things you dislike: hippocrits, fake people, people who mess with my friends, florida, being far from the people i love
Instrument of choice:i play the saxaphone :P
Do you hate the English too? si

Last show you went to: blountstown..
Make us laugh: silly people
What was the most embarrassing thing you have ever done or happened to you?: umm... i fell off a ski lift... it was kinda bad..
What makes you so hott? hmm... dunno
You must make a friend join, provide their name: twyst

here are some pics....

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