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Something for nothing.

Name: Heather.
Age/birthday: 16; 12/04/89.
Gender: Female.
Location: Just outside Helensburgh.
marital status: ERRM. Taken.
Sexual preferance: Straight.

10 bands:
The Distillers,
Coheed & Cambria,
The Bled,
The Hurt Process,
The Bravery,
Funeral for a Friend,
The Starting Line,

5 movies:
Donnie Darko,
Spongebob Squarepants Movie,
War of the Worlds,
Shrek 2,
The Green Mile.

5 things you like:
Straight hair,

5 things you dislike:
That I have an ulcer,
Feeling left out,
Waking up late,
That I have no money,
Being bitched about.

Instrument of choice:

Do you hate the English too?
Err what? I don't get this question? LAWLLL.

Last show you went to:
Something local, and shite.

Make us laugh:

What was the most embarrassing thing you have ever done or happened to you?:
Apart from those pictures? This guy I thought was quite hot, works in this shop that i'd always always go into to see him. It was a bit obvious that everyone who worked there caught on, so on the day I decided that we would stop stalking him I went to meet two of my mates, who then told me they had to wait to meet this girl. So we waited on this girl, and she came round the corner with another girl, and a guy. THAT guy. I told my mates that he was the guy I thought was hot, he was the guy I stalked. They pissed themselves and told me. THAT HE WAS GAY!! So we all went to Virgin, and one of my mates were talking to the two girls, who both work at the same place as the gay guy, and were two definates who had figured out why I was always in there. As the three of them giggled and stared at me I got so paranoid that my mate had told them that I liked the gay guy. I stormed off in a wee huff, and sat by myself outside the Royal Concert Hall :)

What makes you so hott?
My hair is straighter than yours, and my eye colours bizzarer than yours.

You must make a friend join, provide their name

Promote us in your userinfo and in a community and give us 2 links for proof:

Post a 100 x 100 pic of yourself AND at least 3 pictures or more, No less.

Just a wee bit posed.


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