do you think you can handle the emocore scene?

we didn't think you could either

broken wings and promise rings
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We Have Our First Five ...

Rules For Applicants
1. Must post application within 48 hours of joining and must be 14 years or older
2. All applications must be under the live journal cut, if you don't know how to do that, see FAQ
3. No commenting on anything other than your entry and no promoting until you've been stamped
4. Put some thought behind the application
5. No pictures? Then don't post an application. Nudity will not be tolerated
6. All Lj-cut scripts muse read "Shake Your Ass Around My Casket". Bold all questions in the application and make all the answers your favorite color because it is easier to read that way. You will be stamped within 5 days of posting your app But 4 members and 3 mods must say yes for you to be accepted
7. Any questions? Instant Message: Sara {xxlessthanthree} at takingxbackxsara or Sami {ohhhinferno} at thepower glove x

Rules For Stamped Members
1. Vote and Promote
2. Promoting is allowed, but do it under the live journal cut
3. Fighting, arguing or even disagreeing with a mod or another stamped member will get you banned

The Application
First Off
How & Why Did You Start Listening To Emo?:
What Makes You So Damn Emo?:
How Did You Find Out About Us?:
Why Should We Accept You?:
What Makes You So Hot?:

Any Pets?:
Do You Have Plugs?:
Any Facial Piercings?:

5 Bands You Love:
5 Bands You Hate:
Your All Time Favorite Band And Why:
The Best Emo Band Of All Time Is? Why?:
Give Us Your Favorite Emo Lyric And Tell Us What It Means To You:
One CD You Are Looking Forward To & Why:
Have You Ever Cried At A Show?:
What Is The Best Mosh Pit You've Been In?:

What Do You Think?
Is Yellowcard Emo? Why or Why Not?:
Is Coheed And Cambria Emo? Why or Why Not?:
Is Simple Plan Emo? Why or Why Not?:
Is Dashboard Confessional Emo? Why or Why Not?:
Metallica Is:
Favorite Article Of Clothing And Why:
Brand New / Taking Back Sunday Feud Is:

Musical Talent
Do You Play An Instrument? How Long Have You Been Playing And What Is It?:
Sing Or Play In A Band?:
What Is The Band Called?:

Gay Marriage:
Our President [For Our Global Members, George Bush]:
Self Mutilation:

Word Association ... Put The First Word That Comes To Mind

What Is sXe?:
Make Us Laugh:
Confess Something:
Your Favorite Actor/Actress:
Your Favorite Director:
Promote Us In At Least One Community [Promo Communities Don't Count] And Link Us [Because We Will Check]:

Pictures, Must Have At Least One Of Each
a] Hair
b] Shoes
c] Your Face

xxlessthanthree and ohhhinferno

serene_chaos barnesy thruthese_eyes and _some_emo_kid_

Accepted Members
kindofperfectt justinscousin andemily xey3swideshutx __kissandmakeup meaningless2me myxbloodyxrmnce sweet_rocker _some_emo_kid_ everso___sweet pearl_drummer_1 stellar_punk iamstarstruck applause_please __is_for_lovers thruthese_eyes crossxmyx_heart serene_chaos fraildreamer glory_fades66 a4lettertragedy ___omfgzombies _ddarko barnesy pianohands endisforever11 ___underoath hidden_x_shadow xtheloserx vivid_skky ___riseagainst, danysanches69 just_shh st4rfox greenerton lalalaitsrachel unrequireddream hopeless___love bright_as_eyes xmyxchemicalx toallofyou13 anothrfatalwrec uoy_ykcul, anita_bangin tiredxxeyes ____slut_ inmemoryofxme cynicalviolence phishgirl77345 xsilencexkillsx ash_return sixdollardress sovietbloc burnthephotos3 suckyfucky xhanglikea_star pleasexsavexme

alejjandraperez tehspecialist tonymonroe
brownsound41182 shanagbaimmurru doomsdayrobot

Whore Us:

Sister Sites


To Become A Sister Site
1. Post an entry with "Sister Site" as the title
2. In the entry post:
a. Community Name
b. What the Community is About [i.e: Ratings or Non]
c. A Banner for the Userinfo

Thank You's
andemily for the stamps
just_shh for the banners
whatwas for the amazing icon