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Damn the other post didnt work [28 Nov 2008|12:40am]

well my drawing is here
{secretly falling apart}

What do you think of my emo drawing [28 Nov 2008|12:34am]

[ mood | artistic ]

so im new here so can you guys add me & talk

heres my msn

heres my drawing
 <object width="450" height="574"><param name="movie" value="http://backend.deviantart.com/embed/view.swf" /><param name="flashvars" value="id=91613348&width=1337" /><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><embed src="http://backend.deviantart.com/embed/view.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="450" flashvars="id=91613348&width=1337" height="574" allowscriptaccess="always"></embed></object><br /><a href="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/91613348/">Rugrats kid emo edition</a> by ~<a class="u" href="http://fausto456.deviantart.com/">fausto456</a> on <a href="http://www.deviantart.com">deviant</a><a href="http://www.deviantart.com">ART</a>

{secretly falling apart}

co-mod//dead x core. [26 Jan 2007|12:53pm]

hello people who still read this (zip, nada, none):
I think its been obvious for a long time that this community is completely dead. The last posts were in like...september. corrinne and i don't feel we have the right to delete the community, because we were not the ones to create it to begin with. however, i'd like to proclaim that this community is DEAD.

if anyone has any comments on this, or any suggestions, or even invites to active communities (emo or any kind), please feel free to comment on this entry.

2 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

[14 Jan 2007|07:10pm]

[ mood | tired ]

yawn, s o yeah im new and stuff, so u shud talk to me

1 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

Stamped [11 Jan 2007|04:54am]

I havent' been posting so here's some cam whorage from the past couple of months:

1 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

stamped//iunno [31 Dec 2006|02:54am]

okay so I know I havn't been here in I don't know howwww long.
Sorry about that.
Pretty much my life has been crazy, no time for anything.
Rushing out to AZ for family stuff.
And now out there again.
Once I come back I should have lots of picturess.
Talk to you all soon.
{secretly falling apart}

HA! [21 Dec 2006|09:26pm]

[ mood | HAPPY! ]

im getting my gig cherry stolen by Lost Prophets and TBS.
at the same gig.

thankyou lord.

{secretly falling apart}

Dont Break My Heart [19 Dec 2006|11:44am]

[ mood | pleased ]

edit: yeah sorry! Lj cut....

I thought I would do this, otherwise it would seem im cutting corners or something. so yeah <3

3 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

heyy :] [16 Dec 2006|05:59pm]

[ mood | confused ]

heyy uhmm..

im very new. and a little bit confused :[
if any1 cud help?

or just chat :) cuz i like talking :)

thats fine with me :]

laters xx

2 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

MAD PROMOTIONS! [01 Oct 2006|12:13am]

1 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

Don't laugh at my emo heart! [30 Sep 2006|11:37pm]

2 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

co-mod September theme/scavenger hunt/points/etc update [01 Sep 2006|04:29pm]

Hello Hello Hello.

It is officially September First!  I have the point tallies and post tallies for you all and the winners.  i have to discuss with corrinne what happens when you are a september winner. or if we have a september winner. but for the sake of this post, here are the winners.

WINNER: Sup_ashl33 with 244 points

in a close second, axel_roze with 106 points. 

you guys are amazing, seriously.

so i havent talked to corrinne yet about it, but we will get back to you both on what happens with your win.  (the least that happens is that you have the satisfaction of having the most points for august-woo hoo! haha)

onto other September business.

I have to discuss the theme and scavenger hunt with corrinne, but chances are it will be school related. (well, chances are, according to myself.) we'll let you know when we have it.

however, i have an activity for all of you. 

I have noticed that we do not have a community icon.  So your activity is to create an icon for __emo_xcore__. it can say the community name, have an image, whatever you want.  If me and corrinne like it, we will put it as our community icon.  For each icon, you will get 20 points.  this might change.  most likely 20 points.  the 20 points are only if you made the icon yourself.  icons you have found are welcome, but you will not be getting points for it.  (this could change-we might give you 5-10 points. we will see.)
you can post the icon in a comment on this entry, or make a post with it if you can't find this entry for some weird reason.  (there are always weird reasons coming up.)

i'd like to remind everyone that the points are there for you to spend-remember that.  if you have any questions on how to spend the points, comment on this entry.  i'd also like to remind everyone that promoting __emo_xcore__ in another community is worth 30 points.

sorry this is so long and scattered.

{secretly falling apart}

Don't Break My Emo Heart [01 Sep 2006|06:12pm]

18 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

Stamped // Sup Warped Tour? [28 Aug 2006|11:52am]

[ mood | bored ]

I figured it was about time I post my Warped Tour pictures. Under the cut. If you're going to take anything or whatever, I don't mind, just tell me first. Some of the videos are horrible visually because I was being pushed so much that I couldn't keep the camera on the stage.

Read more...Collapse )

8 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

Co-Mod//Okay then... [25 Aug 2006|12:36pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Over the last few days, there's obviously been some weird stuff, heh.

I'm giving you all a new way to earn points. BAHAHA.

+40 points for a joke application.


In the subject line, you have to put Don't laugh at my emo heart.
You must answer all questions, as usual.
Follow the rules, but do it in an amusing way.

Oh c'mon. You know you want to.

Sorry about the wierdness lately, guys. But look what came of it!

Also, points for August will be updated soon, and winners will be announced September first.

Happy Friday, all. :)

1 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

co-mod//update [25 Aug 2006|12:35pm]

hey guys,
im sorry about the joke entry from yesterday and then that whole kellog emo cereal box "joke" that chick made.  while i was trying to scroll down the whole to delete it, when i went back to it (i was trying to figure out HOW to delete it), it had disappeared. so i guess maybe she deleted it herself.  this might just be a blip on my computer, so if its still there or if it comes back,  i'll delete it right away.
joke applications are so stupid, aren't they? wow, your so funny, make fun of the "emos", your the first person to do it! hahaha how hilarious.


haha, anyway, have a great day you guys, feel free to email me if it comes back and hasnt been deleted yet.
1 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

[20 Aug 2006|02:37pm]

stuff started to get a little to heavy around home so I decided to go with my mom to the western part of the state to visit my brother. it ended up paying off. I cleared my head and got some good pictures.
picturesCollapse )
2 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

co-moderator // 69 whole pictures [17 Aug 2006|12:18am]

2 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

[14 Aug 2006|11:53pm]


to write love on her arms is an organization on myspace that is bringing hope to cutters. it's to show cutters that peopel care. They want to help them get better through love and support.
4 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

[12 Aug 2006|03:52pm]

my day yesterdayCollapse )
4 strange and beautiful {secretly falling apart}

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