We'll chank you...and then break your heart

yea sucka

Emo Mafia
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We're the Emo Mafia, bitch
We'll chank you and then break your heart.

1. Be nice to your super swell mods
2. No unnecessary bitchiness.
3. Don't post until you are accepted. Don't comment on anything (except your application) until you are accepted.
4. Please ASK before promoting any other community. If you don't your post will be deleted, and you will be warned. Do it again and you're banned for life.
5. The application is serious. Some questions may sound stupid, but don't fuck with us. We mean business.
6. Put your application behind an lj cut. or else.
7. Bold your questions so its easier on our eyes. (use rich text, idiots) or else.
8. Make your lj cut for the application say "Bam Sucka" so we know you read the rules. If you don't we won't even bother reading your mother fucking application.

Application, Sucka
1. What yo name be, bitch?
2. How old are you?
3. Flower or a stem?(girl or boy, idiot)

More about you
4. Name 5 bands you like or else, bitch.
5. Name 5 movies you like.
6. Name at least 3 books you like.
7. What lyrics describe you best? Why?
8. What is your favorite color, sucka?

Opinions(Explain your answers, ho)
9. Gay marriage.
10. Girl Scout Cookies.
11. Abortions.
12. Rebels.
13. Prostitutes.
14. Drugs.
15. Pepsi -vs- Coca Cola.
16. Chanking.

Even more Questions!
16. What is pegging? Would you ever do it? Admit it you would...wouldn't you?
17. Give us a taste of your poetry--
18. Explain why Sh's are switshed with Ch's and vise versa.
19. Explain the Emo Mime game. Extra points if you show us pictures of you playing it.
20. Have you ever played ding dong ditch or gone skinny dipping?

Now post at least 3 pictures of yourself. If you don't, give us a good reason why we should accept you.