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__elysian's Journal

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Elysian; Icons with love from Fehrocious and Ac
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elysian     resembling paradise; causing happiness

__elysian was created on the 4th of July and is a shared icon journal by the two Gackt fangirls, _facade and fehrocious. The date 4th of July was chosen deliberately so that it would coincide with Gackt's birthday as like true Gackt fangirls they are, they like to have everything to be Gackt-related. So expect lots of Gackt goodness from the two.

We do not claim rights to the images used. So please don't sue us. >>; All artwork and images belong to respective artists/owners.

Leave a comment if you take an icon.

Give proper credit where due. Credit either _facade, fehrocious or __elysian in keywords if you're using the icon.

Do not claim any of the icons as your own.

Do not customize any of the icons unless stated otherwise.

Do not direct-link any of the icons.

Do not showcase or 'share' them at your journal. Direct them to __elysian instead.

Do not re-distribute screencaps on your own site/journal etc. Ask for permission first.

Obsessive compulsive Gackt fangirl who mostly makes Gackt iconage. Wait, I'm obsessive compulsive?!?!? I make Gackt iconage. I worship the man. Which part screams obsessive compulsive? ... I've just started out making icons and I still have a long way to go. XD;

A huge Gackt, Roy and Rukawa fangirl. She mostly makes Gackt and anime icons. She likes to make icons in large volumes so beware as her mediocre icons that tend to come in huge batches. Her older works can be found at _metamorphic.

Current Request Status: Closed
Hardly take requests as she doesn't work well under pressure, but if she is in the mood to take requests, she'd make a post to say so.

Current Request Status: Closed
I don't work well under pressure.

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