x90 Bleach / FMA / Furuba Icons

Icons made over the last few weeks, while I was attempting to re-join icontests again. Results wasn't too positive. But I like the simplicity of these icons. So there. Some of the icons were made last year. But I kept forgetting to put them up.

Anyway, I haven't had a large batch in a while and 90 icons seems to be a little over the top. So I'll be posting the rest of my icons (Princess Tutu, Ouran Koukou Host Club etc.) in the next batch sometimes in early May.

x. Do not direct-link.
x. Comment/Credit = ♥
x. Textless icons are NOT bases.

Icons (x90)
x40 Bleach
x26 Full Metal Alchemist
x24 Furuba

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Tutorial 002: Coloring (Manga Feel)

A few people have been asking how I got my coloring. A major part of the credit goes to x_ohmyfluff's aged plum tutorial. But just so as to satisfy your curiosity, here's how I derived one of my icons.

I used Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for this icon. You should be relatively comfortable using Photoshop to make a similar icon.

I might have missed a few steps. But this is the closest I have come to replicating my icon in this post.


The coloring technique is applicable to icons with light.
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  • _facade

All These Little Things.

Yes. I'm not dead yet. Close enough though.

Thses icons were made months ago. I didn't have the chance to post this up because my domain host was screwing me up (translation: they ran away). I just got a new domain off Dreamhost. USD$22.40 for the space and bandwidth they offer? It's pretty damn cheap. Anyway, enjoy the icons!

x. Do not direct-link.
x. Comment when taking.
x. Credit _facade or __elysian.
x. Textless icons are NOT bases unless stated otherwise.

Icons (x47)
x47 OKHC

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x157 Multifandom Icons

Massive batch if I do say so myself. I should be totally forgiven for this 4 month icon drought! 8D They are mostly Kangta, Uverworld, Spring Waltz, Full Metal Alchemist and Ouran Koukou Host Club. Experimental as usual for some, so expect lots of variations!

As for the FMA Screencaps, you might have to wait for a while. Thought it might help if I'm able to find a better screencapping program with the crack or my Snagit crack. Anyway, if you're free, please spare a minute to answer the following question:

How do you want my icon posts to be:
A) Mixed fandom (anime + real life)
B) Mixed fandom (anime only or real life only)
C) Single fandom

x. Do not direct-link.
x. Comment when taking.
x. Credit _facade or __elysian.
x. Textless icons are NOT bases.
x. Ask if you want me to customize text for certain OKHC icons.

Icons (x157)
x40 Kangta
x13 Spring Waltz (Jaeha)
x04 Do Young
x03 Nicholas Tse
x23 UVERworld
x17 FMA
x02 Ryuichi
x03 Naruto
x53 OKHC

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