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Application: [must include at LEAST four pictures.]

Name -
Age -  26
Location - On the dance floor, London.

Grab the book closest to you, go to page 18, go to line 4, and what does it say - "Then i burn in hell for all eternity"
Reach out beside you, what do you touch - Play-doh
Future child names - Pecker Woody and Dick Johnson
What would you do if you had a group of sexy young Girl Guides? Slit their throats and scream FUCK OFF WHORES!
Music - yeh. i dabble.
Movies - SCI-FI!

Childhood Toy -Dildo.
Worst fear - its a tie: aids or no sex for eight hours.
Are you conceited - only that i have the illest nana.
Most embarrasing moment - When i mistook a man for a lady and refused him pleasure that is my money.
What did you do today - WEll, the question shouldnt be, WHAT i did but WHO i did. i have a lot of paying customers, actually, come to think of it, i think one was your momma, I NAILED YO MOMMA!
Is Patrick Swayze a God or what? - sure, if he pays good 'nuff.
What do you want to be in life -  Im 26, with a successful redlight career. and i like it. thanks.

in in the red.


Good Luck.  Fuck you very much.

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