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BwAnD nOo!!!

Application: [must include at LEAST four pictures.]

Name - Ed
Age - 17
Location - CaLiFoRnIa BaBy!!!!

Grab the book closest to you, go to page 18, go to line 4, and what does it say -
Rounding his mouth and both his eyes, as he stepped
Reach out beside you, what do you touch -
ScOtCh TaPe
Future child names -
Penny & Curtis!!11
What would you do if you had a group of sexy young Girl Guides?
Music -
Britney Spearz, Chriztina Aguilera, Play, Hilary Duff, Jezze McCartney, DreamZtreet
Movies -
Bananas In Pajamas, Crossroads, Glitter
TV -
Blues Clues

Childhood Toy -
Worst fear -
CooKie MoNstEr!!!
Are you conceited -
Most embarrasing moment -
KaY sO i WaZ tAlKiN 2 mY cRuSh AnD i BeNdEd OvEr aNd FaRtEd In HiZ fAcE, yEz He'Z a GuY.
What did you do today -
Is Patrick Swayze a God or what? -
HeLlZ yEa!!!
What do you want to be in life -
RoNaLd McDonAld!!!


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