October 8th, 2004

i love billie joe


Name -  Allie or Alex
Age -  15
Location - Massachusetts 

Grab the book closest to you, go to page 18, go to line 4, and what does it say - But before you plopped down on the floor, pooped, the games only had just begun.
Reach out beside you, what do you touch -  My sexy black nail polish.
Future child names -  Brandy or Brandon for a girl...Kyle or Seth for a boy.
What would you do if you had a group of sexy young Girl Guides? Give them to my younger brother...he'll do something with them.
Music - "Konstantine" and "Hurricane" by Something Corporate
Movies -  "Take the Money and Run", "Moulin Rouge", "Chicago"
TV -  The OC....Benjamin McKenzie is on it...how could you not watch it?
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