karly (karlygrl69) wrote in __elitesexy,

Name: karly
Age: 14- i kno u guys want ppl 15+ but i am a vry mature 14 =)
Sex: gurl
Location: united states

5 bands: good charlotte, simpe plan, fallout boy, dreamstreet, hilary duff
5 movies: bring it on, a cindarella story, the perfect man, raise ur voice
Store to shop: claires!!!!!
Color: pink
T.V. show: the o.c., summerland, lizzie mcguire

What do you think about homosexuality? ummm i am against it bcuz it kinda groses me out lol bcuz when i was in 7th grade this gay gurl had a crush on me (her name was lindsay) and i was like NO I'M NOT A LESBO lol
What do you think about testing products on animals? well if it means new lipgloss 4 me then ok but if it is just 4 stupid things like medicine than no!
Do you believe in war? no it is stupid

What's your biggest passion in life? my b/f gustav! he is the sun on a cloudy day 4 him, i love him. i met him @ da del taco ohh myy he refills my soda if u no wut i mean ;-) shopping 2.
What makes you 0h s0 el1t3? bcuz i am really pretty and im cool and i like 2 make fun of ppl lol! like theres this gurl in my class verodka (her real name is vernoica but she lieks 2 drink) so we call her piggy back lol
Why do you want to be a member of this community? it looks like fujn
At least 3 pictures of you:

^ me and gus-gus

^ me and my sis
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