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The elite beauties

..have you got what it takes?

Ŧhe Ęlitē Bēauties ♥
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This is a rating community that rates you on both your looks and personality.
However if you have a hard time handling the truth I suggest you do not apply here
since out members tell it like it is. So apply or don't but either way
have fun! =)



You have 24 hours to submit your application after joining.
You must fill out the application completely, behind a lj-cut
- if you don't know how to do that - learn!
In the subject line put.. Am I Elite?, just so we know you have read the rules.
DO NOT bitch at the members if they say something you don't like.
This is a rating community.
It's ok to reply to comments left by members with a Thank you,
but do not carry on conversations, it just messes things up.
Only stamped members can vote.
Do not post anything but an application, until you are accepted, or you will be banned.
You must be at least 14 years old,
if younger please explain why you feel you are mature enough for this community.

Stamped members
you have 48 hours to vote on the applicants. Or until their stamped incase one of the mods don't get on it quick enough.
Stay active, and vote on everyone.
Promote, Promote, Promote
Put Yes, or No in the subject heading when voting.
Say whatever is on your mind,
this is a rating community and if they can't handle opionions
they shouldn't be applying.
Be sure to put stamped in posts so it doesn't get deleted.
Once you're accepted I want to see pics of you.
So no text only posts!
And last but not least, Promote, Promote, Promote!!

About Me
1) Name :
2) Age (if under 14 see rules):
3) Location :
4) Gender :
5) Sexuality :
6) Tattoos/piercings (show pics if possible) :
7) Describe your personality :
8) Your Likes:
9) Your pet peeves :
10) List 4 interesting things about you :

11) Favorite bands/artists :
12) Favorite movies :
13) Favorite food :

14) Say something random :
15) How did you find us? :
16) promote to one lj user and one community, show proof for both :

17) 3-5 clear, non-photoshoped pictures of yourself.
18) a 150x150 headshot for the userinfo if you are accepted




Remember Guys, PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE!! and feel free to make your own banners =)

made by n1kers

Rewards are earned by winning a theme contest, or whenever the Mods see fit.
Feel free to use your rewards whenever you feel like ladies.
They don't expire so you can hold onto them as long as you like!
Love you! <3

n1kers - 1 auto-reject
faithinhope - 1 auto-accept/reject