Pompy (bohemianbabe) wrote in __elite_beauty,

Am I elite?

1) Name :Melissa
2) Age (if under 14 see rules):23
3) Location :Beverly MA
4) Gender :F
5) Sexuality :Bi
6) Tattoos/piercings (show pics if possible) :1 tattoo(pentacle on shoulder blade),pierced ears
7) Describe your personality :Very ecclectic. Hard to put a "label on me". I also wear my emotions on my sleeve
8) Your Likes:Camping,fishing,video games,comic books,art,theatre,drawing,writing
9) Your pet peeves :people who walk on escalators. Use the stares. It's not that hard.
10) List 4 interesting things about you :I've been published,I've been to Italy,I have a really good memory when it comes to numbers and birthdays and I am in the prosess of getting my college degree

11) Favorite bands/artists :Garth Brooks,Blind Guardian,Nightwish,Dropkick Murphys,Flogging Molly,AC/DC,Toby Keith,Dresden Dolls,Horror Pops,Iced Earth,Within Temptation
12) Favorite movies :Titanic,Anything Tim Burton,Kevin Smith,Terry Gilliam,Monty Python or Mel Brooks,Remember the Titans,Friday Night Lights. Waaay to many to name
13) Favorite food :Mashed Potatoes

14) Say something random :chickens only fly when you kick them
15) How did you find us? :browsing
16) promote to one lj user and one community, show proof for both :http://tifa-lockhart-x.livejournal.com/69793.html?view=146337#t146337 and http://community.livejournal.com/whosline/487694.html



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