hi im hawt and awesome. (chels__e) wrote in __elite_beauty,
hi im hawt and awesome.

Am I Elite?

About Me
1) Name :
Chelsea Raine
2) Age (if under 14 see rules): fifteen
3) Location : Sunshine State =)
4) Gender : la femme
5) Sexuality : straight
6) Tattoos/piercings (show pics if possible) :  my ears and bellybutton [no pics, sorry]
7) Describe your personality : i tend to be very obnoxious, but not in an annoying way. i say what i mean and i care about the people i love more then anything. i would do almost anything for them. i dont label people and i dont judge people on their label.
8) Your Likes: broadway, RENT, music, mary-kate olsen, black eyeliner, lime green nailpolish, vintage shopping, and poetry
9) Your pet peeves : mean people and people who chew with their mouth open
10) List 4 interesting things about you : 1. i can sing the star spangled banner and the goldfish song backwards 2. i can curl my tounge in the shape of a heart 3. i have two sisters that are twins [identical] and everyone always thinks we are triplets 4. trista from the bachlorette is like...my 2nd cousin once removed. i met her..once but yeah.

11) Favorite bands/artists :
rooney, maroon 5, taking back sunday, christina aguilera, Postal Service, The Cure, Thursday, Death Cab for Cutie, From Autumn To Ashes, A Static Lullaby, Underoath, Silverstein, Thursday, and fallen from the sky
12) Favorite movies : garden state, gia, the virgin sucides, dazed and confussed, and heathers
13) Favorite food : sushi

14) Say something random :
LyK i HeARt SuMmA 2k5 !!! yEahhh
15) How did you find us? : i honestly have no idea
16) promote to one lj user and one community, show proof for both : http://www.livejournal.com/users/mich__l/20652.html?view=92332#t92332   http://www.livejournal.com/community/00000000000000d/

17) 3-5 clear, non-photoshoped pictures of yourself.  <img src="http://pic14.picturetrail.com/VOL563/2751958/inbox/49469.jpg"> on the left
<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v707/lemonxcrush8/354379624PSQqMm_ph.jpg> a 150x150 headshot for the userinfo if you are accepted </STRONG>i have NO idea how to do this. im someone tells me how i will. </DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV><BR>&nbsp;</DIV><lj-cut>
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