Diane (shortiecakes) wrote in __elite_beauty,

Am I Elite?

About Me
1) Name :
2) Age : 19
3) Location : Tampa/Tallahassee, FL
4) Gender : Female
5) Sexuality : Heterosexual
6) Tattoos/piercings : One in each ear and tummy/ no tattoos

7) Describe your personality : Usually happy, outgoing, overly-friendly at times, silly
8) Your Likes: Baseball (particularly the Cleveland Indians), chocolate milkshakes, meeting new and exciting people, trying new things, Chinese food, the beach
9) Your pet peeves : Chewing with mouth open, people who tend to be inconsiderate and/or obnoxious
10) List 4 interesting things about you : I work on rollerskates at Sonic Drive-In, played softball for 7 years, attend FSU, and can speak French

11) Favorite bands/artists :
Incubus, Third Eye Blind
12) Favorite movies : Back to the Future, Rocky V, In Good Company, Something's Gotta Give, Major League, The Natural
13) Favorite food : Pretty much anything that tastes good or is in the category of "Junk Food"

14) Say something random :
Dayum, that's saxxy!
15) How did you find us? : Randomly browsing communities
16) promote to one lj user and one community, show proof for both :

17) 3-5 clear, non-photoshoped pictures of yourself:

18) a 150x150 headshot for the userinfo if you are accepted:

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