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Citizen Kane

So I'm starting something new. For the past few years I've been slowly working my way through AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies. So with time to spare today, I had the idea to do icons for all of the movies. Some of them will be more fun than others. I don't know if I'll work in any kind of order, but I started with Citizen Kane. So here's the first in what I hope to be a complete series some day.

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OT3:  JJ Rob Joss

Three cheers for the grand opening entry!

I wanted to have an even bigger batch than this to begin with, but that's hard to do when I keep jumping fandom to fandom like a kangaroo on speed. Anyway.

Comment and credit __elemental

In this batch:
[5] Rent (movie)
[5] Narnia
[5] Harry Potter
[6] Battlestar Galactica
[2] Grey's Anatomy
[9] Veronica Mars
[17] Scrubs
[6] Lost

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OT3:  JJ Rob Joss

Archive Post

In the archive:
The Producers (1)
Wicked (2)
Aida (2)
Napoleon Dynamite (2)
Star Wars OT (2)
Closer (1)
Phantom of the Opera (4)
Kill Bill (4)
Lost (12)
Alias (6)

I'm pretty critical of my old stuff, plus a lot of these are in a style that was more popular a year or two ago, so I've cut this down quite a bit. If you happened to take one of these from their original posts, don't worry about it.

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