OK I am in a little bit of a struggle within myself at the moment...

I know that I have to eat, but I just do not want too, but I have to and I hate eating so right now I eat and then I create ways to get rid of the food...It also doesnt help when someone called me fat, when I have a normal BMI, and it doesnt make things better since I have only started to eat normally again the last 6 months, and now I feel that I have crashed again, and I want to crash, but I dont, because I know how hard it is...

I just want to be normal seriously....this is too hard to deal with again....
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So since I have like NO money at all and my office has TONS of juice, orange/pineapple 100% juice, I figured Id use it to my benefit and do a juice fast this whole we SOOooo What I wanna know is what juices are good to drink and how much in a day should I drink? Should I still count the calorie intake?

Any help is awesome!

thanks everyone!


I have had an eating disorder in some form my whole life. I am desperate for somebody to talk to who understands the hell that I have to go through and who won't assume I'm shallow. I cannot take this anymore. Being alone in my hell.

On days I have gained weight or am bloated or eat more than usual I consider suicide. It is the worst feeling in the world to have nobody around you understand what you are going through.

So I don't know I was hoping to find somebody who could understand.

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*does anyone remember that whole controversy over terry shivo? well i just remembered it ( random i know) and i also remember my history teacher saying her condition resulted from her being anorexic and something happening to her potassuim levels. This just freaked me out b/c all i know is i do not want to end up like her! can anyone fill me in on this that knows more about it and how to aviod what happened to her?!?*


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im flipping out about what to do about thanksgiving dinner. i told my mom today i have a sore throat so hopefully that means i wont have to eat too much other than mashed potatoes and soup but i dont want to have to eat anything!

by the way, anyone know how many calories are in budlight?