For those utterly obsessed...

With the greatest thing on earth

For those who are obsessed with the stage...
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we ask that you fill out a small application. this is not a rating community, so you will not but judged on it, but its for personal interest.

x. name?
x. age?
x. location?
x. gender?
x. How did you find __drama_freaks?
x. whats your favorite play/musical?
x. favorite actor?
x. actress?
x. have you ever been in theater?
x. if so, what plays?
x. your favorite song from a play?
x. what shows have you seen, if any, on broadway?

x. if you read these rules, when you join the community, type "Application" in the subject of your first entry/application
x. applications DO NOT have to be in an lj-cut, unless they are rather long
x. please keep foul language to a minimum
x. no dissing other people in this community for shows you like that they dont, or vice versa
x. talk in a civilized manner if you please
x. cross posting is allowed
x. icons are welcomed - but please follow all rules the maker has
x. have fun!

x. any promotion about theatre is absolutely fine
x. if the promotion is at all off-topic we will delete it, especially if it is extremely off-topic and offensive, so please, do not post it here, and if you do you will recieve a warning

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