Stagehand Strike

I know it's a little late but I haven't been able to find anyplace else to discuss this.

What were your opinions on the Stagehand Strike?

I personally thought it was ridiculous. They were making crazy demands and hurting so many people that I felt angry just thinking about the situation.

What did you guys think?

Annie and Sandy

Hello Drama Kids:

This spring my High School is doing the musical Annie. It is my last play in High School :(. I may be asked to play Lily (Roosters floozy girlfriend). I also got asked to train my dog as Annie's dog. I was just wondering if anyone had done this production before, we dont have the scripts yet and I want to know how big of a role the dog has and what things he needs to know. This would help lots, because I need to start training him ASAP.


So, I'm getting overwhelmed by all this growing up business, and going to college and I must enlist your help.  Search engines just provide a bunch of needless information, and I think the best place to come is to all of you.  So my question is: What are the best colleges to apply for to major in musical theater?  I'm in California and I'd prefer to stay in somewhat in the west.  I appreciate any help, thank you.

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Santa a woman?

I'm writing a monologue for a Christmas Showcase. The basis of the monologue is "Why Santa Is a Woman."

I've come up with some pretty good reasons, such as "Men are more interested in peeling stockings off than filling them up."

Can anyone come up with any other suggestions? Although that one is about as sexual as I can go, this is a High School performance, lol.

Thank you!


label hangers

I’m in charge of my dressing rooms at my high school. Recently I have decided to section the girl's dresses by period. The only problem is most of the people who use the room have no idea what section is dedicated to which decade, since they often can’t tell from looking at the clothes themselves. I would love for me not to have to be there for every single time someone needs a costume.

Basically I am looking for two things.

One, does anyone know where I could find those little hanger things that don’t actually hold cloths but attached to the top of the hook is a small section where you could write something like “20’s, 30’s, 40’s” I think a lot of time they are used in stores (I know American Eagle has them on their sales racks) to section off sizes, usually on a circular rack.

If you don’t know where I could find those, does anyone have any other ideas about how I could label the sections without just taking a label maker and sticking a label on the edge of the wooden shelf above the racks.

If you think you could help if you had a picture I can get you one, photobucket just isn’t letting me use pics in my posts today

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de-lurking after months of silence.

I don't know how many stage managers are in this community, but there's something I need to get off my chest and get opinions about.

some background. I'm 17 years old. I've never stage managed before. Suddenly I'm stage managing 12 Angry Men. My mother is directing. My father is juror #3 and is the managing director of the theatre. I've known for my entire life the men playing jurors #11, #4, and #6, and one of the men sharing the role of #12. The costumer is also playing #11. The technical director is playing #5. Bonnie, he usual stage manager for the fall/winter show is the light and prop designer for this production. Bonnie does not like me very much; I've known her my entire life as well. I do not know how to drive a car. In order to walk to the theatre from my house you need to walk through an un-lit trail through a graveyard. My family has been away for three days for a very stressful college visit and interview at a school nearly 10 hours away. The last rehearsal was Sunday.

all of that information is relevant to what's behind this cutCollapse )

what do you think? I know there are a lot of dual roles here, including the precarious parent/child relationship conflicting with an employer/employee one. And most of those people I'd known all my life still think of me as the child I used to be.

What're your thoughts on that? Am I right to be as upset as I was/am? Are my parents and the other people right in how they treated me?

There's a lot of missing background here. I can't go into all the backstory, because that would take forever. But I think I got most of it across.
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x. name? Cassie
x. age? 17
x. location? CA
x. gender? Female
x. How did you find __drama_freaks? searching for wicked lj group
x. whats your favorite play/musical? Phantom of the Opera
x. favorite actor? Johnny Depp
x. actress? Meghan Follows
x. have you ever been in theater? oh yes.
x. if so, what plays? Wizard of Oz (twice), Little Orphan Annie (twice), Annie Get Your Gun, Beauty and the Beast, Digging to China, various Mirror Mirror shows
x. your favorite song from a play? Currently "The Dark I know well" from Spring Awakening
x. what shows have you seen, if any, on broadway? Not on Broadway, but in LA, Wicked, Avenue Q,  Cats, The Drowsy Chaperone, and in March I'm going to Sweeney Todd!
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La Tua Cantante

(no subject)

Ok so has anyone here seen the plays The Odd Couple and The Matchmaker? Are either of them any good? I have an audition today at three thirty and, the lady I talked to said that both shows are in dire need of males. For the Odd couple I believe she said I would be auditioning for Speed or Vinnie. For the Matchmaker I would be auditioning for Ambrose. So any one have any idea which so I should go for?