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__dragon_ ``` r y u i c h i o g a t a

a Ryuichi Ogata community

__dragon_ ``` r y u i c h i o g a t a
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Quick stats on tha boi:

They call him: Ryuichi Ogata.
His first name means: "Dragon one."
He was born on: December 17, 1985
Making him a: Sagittarius
He's about: 5'5"
And is: The rapper and back-up vocalist in the Japanese pop/rap trio, w-inds.
He's also: The youngest member
He listens to: Hip-hop, Soul, New Metal, Rock, and Dance music
And finally, he loves: Playing the guitar, dancing, fishing, reading comics/manga, joking around, rapping, cooking, sleeping (who doesn't? XD)

Moderated by sarangx33