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Request for ENERGY

Hi minna!
I'm new Ryuichi fan here, nice to meet you! :D I need some help from you, so..
Does anyone of you have mp3 of Energy? I can't find it anywhere...thank you already.
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I'm Meiko and I'm also a Ryuichi fan!!! woot~
I remember joining the community years ago when I had an account here but thought I should join again since I deleted my old account and had this one. ^____^
Nice meeting everyone~
You can stop by at my site and forum on Ryuichi any time. I'm pretty sure you can find my site on search engine. ehehe
see ya~
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Your favourite picture of Ryuichi

hellos. i was planning to do a poll, asking which hairstyle of Ryuichi do you like best. 
however, pictures can explain better than words.
so post your favourite Ryuichi photo! I'll start with this one. Ta-da!

i think Ryuichi looks good in both short and long hair. what do you think?
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Takuya tabako
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Centre parting Ryu

but i think his centre parting is funny. haha..
you can find his other pic at my lj. chuuuuu.
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