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お久しぶり!im not sure whether you guys will be interested to know about radio foundation or not. but i decided to update this comm since it's been awhile. RADIO FOUNDATION is the rock band that ryuichi is playing in. i've been trying to find out more about the band but i couldnt find much. their 15 dec live performance was sold out so i guess they're getting recognised. if you know more about them, please let me know! hhehe..

Radio Foundation-Cross Road at Zher the ZOO

if you're interested, more over here @ RADIO FOUNDATION mobile site.

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Takuya tabako

w-inds. icons

 ohisashiburi! i made new batch of w-inds. icons(along with teppei icons, if you're interested). it's not much but please credit me or yaplog.jp/miuey if you're taking any. also, comments are love.



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Takuya tabako

Seen this?

i was looking around baidu and i found this image. anyone knows where this image comes from? personally, i think he looks smashing here. hahhaa.. i totally love his coat.

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