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Name: Ember
age: 18
birthday: Feb 10, 1987
location: Nova Scotia, Canada
hobbies: chillin with friends, chatting online, baking/cooking
status: taken
sexual orientation: Open Minded
favorite food: Chicken breast
astrology sign: Aquarious
occupation: Student
five favorite movies
- Mean Girls
- Napoleon Dynamite
- Lion King
- The Craft
- Legally Blonde
five favorite songs
- Baby it's you-JoJo
- Spinnin-Keshia Chante
-Spread my wings- Shawn Desman
- Shorty Wanna Ride- Young Buck
five favorite magazines
-Life& Styles
five favorite bands
- Keshia Chante
- Lindsay Lohan
- Shawn Desman
- Evanescence
- Young Buck
how do you feel about britney spears? Hot, but back in the day
how do you feel about christina aguilera? Skanky
how do you feel about jessica simpson? Super hot & cute
how do you feel about hilary duff? Too inocent
how do you feel about drugs? Once and a while
how do you feel about underage drinking? Same as drugs
how do you feel about abortion? Only under 16 years old
how do you feel about gay marriage? Love it
What do you like about society? Umm, The interaction with others
What don't you like by society? The crime
What is your favorite Ice cream flavor? Chocolate
What makes you passionate? Hot showers
The best and worst book you ever read is: Best is anything by VC Andrews and worst was IT.
what type of music do you prefer? pop & rap
favorite color? Pink & black

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