Jacquelyn (_jax_) wrote in __doll__,

Ugly Shyla | May 2006</center>

I made this doll as a gift for uglyshyla, but she said go ahead and sell it since dolls take forever to make and I'm in need of some extra cash.

Doll Description: 16 inches tall. Made with Super Sculpey which has been hand sculpted, baked & sanded. Doll has been painted w/acrylic paints and then sealed. Doll clothes have been machine sewn and are a mix of fabrics. Doll has full armature so you can pose it however you desire. Doll has blue synthetic hair. The small doll is included but the chair is not. The small doll has also been handmade.

I wanted to sell her for 50 dollars but I'm broke so I'll take less. If you are a livejournal friend, I'll give you free shipping. :)

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