February 25th, 2009


Another Mary Doll Sneak Peek.

I finally put my Mary,Mother of sorrows doll together and I made a dressing gown for her.Most of the Santo statues had painted "under dresses" or undergarments for the sake of modesty since they are of religious figures.I didn't want to take pic's of her till she at least her her under dress on.LOL.I figured I might as well wack together a temporary outfit out of some fabric craps I had since it was making me insane to see here standing on my floor all day in her night gown.Here is a quick shot of her.Hopefully I'll have some better pic's of her soon.I might try and shoot her outside so you can see her outfit better.
Her "real" outfit will be made as I come across fabric that will drape nicely.And likely when I can afford to get all the stuff for the outfit since some fabrics can be pricy.I'm also thinking of getting her a larger scared heart,the one she has now is satin and felt I just embroidered real quick.Now I have her put together of course I'm not all that impressed with her.I'm not a big fan of my own work.LOL
Not only am I unimpressed with my work the darned doll makes me nervous.I actually start sweating bullets when fooling with her because nice and or breakable things make me nervous.LOL
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Шерстяной трикотаж, винтажная бархатная лента, искусственный жемчуг, вышивка стеклярусом и паетками, внутри синтепух. Высота котиков: большой около 100 см, малыш 30 см.

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