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2005 electronic music festival

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Distorted 2005 is the first of planned yearly Electronic music festivals in Melbourne Australia.

The aim of Distorted is to bring Electronic Artists who usually you would only see Live in Europe to Australia. Each year we will select the artists as voted by Electronic music lovers in Australia. Distorted aims to deliver excellent value for money to the public.

This years Distorted will contain a whooping 12+ hours of live music. Then to top it off the artists will play DJ sets until late in the morning. Distorted is all about the Music and as such we ask you the Public to support both the international and local artists.

Not only will Distorted showcase well known International and Local artists but it will also provide the opportunity to unknown artists to showcase their music talent at the festival. Every year we will select a handful of unknown artists trying to make a break.

If you have any questions about Distorted or would like to find out how you can assist us with Distorted please feel free to contact us at info@distorted.com.au

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